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This entire world will change in a generation. We believe that if you connect the young global citizens who inhabit it, they will turn it into one of unprecedented imagination, understanding, respect and discovery. We exist to build the tools and spaces where this kind of connection is possible and tied to tangible impact for good—supporting the kids who will create this future with the means and confidence to make it a reality.
Here, big change starts small.

Why does connection matter?

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Help us connect the world’s kids to reimagine the world together.

Your support will make technology, support and experiences available to kids across the globe that make a Kidnected World possible. Whether it’s a birthday present in honor of someone or an investment in a more awesome future, every little bit helps.

Meet The Wonderment

The Wonderment is our first initiative—and it’s the first app of its kind.

In the Wonderment, kids participate in collaborative creative experiences with other kids across the globe and turn their shared imagination and interaction into a currency backed by brands and donors to support social good projects benefitting kids around the world. It’s a place where kids can find their creative voice, connect it to others and use it to make a difference.

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